My other Facebook account

I recently got tired of app abusing my Facebook timeline with “frictionless sharing.”  What is frictionless sharing?  When apps posts to your Facebook based on things you do in their app.  Listen to a song your friends know that.  View a pair of jeans, your Facebook friends know that.  Read an article on Yahoo about aliens invading America, everybody knows that.  If a song or article compelled a strong enough emotion you would have shared it.  

The fact that you were never compelled to share the information means something.  It’s boring or you don’t want people to know.  Frictionless sharing is a bad feature as it generates boring information or stuff you want to keep private.   

While frictionless sharing is a bad feature I do like using Facebook as an authentication method with other apps to avoid having to create new accounts everywhere.  Simple solution that I got from Pushkar.  I created a second Facebook account.  So, there it is a poor feature compelled me to do something that I imagine Facebook doesn’t want me doing - creating a fake account.