From BYOD to BYOApps

We are starting to see the rise of productivity and work related apps.  Apps like Paper and Sunrise are a great example of this trend.  This is just the beginning and there will be plenty more.  These are all sold directly to the consumer instead of the business.  

Today, BYOD is a foregone conclusion.  The vast majority of businesses support BYOD programs.  Next it will be BYOApps. The consumer will decide what calendar, messaging, note-taking, teleconferencing, collaboration, etc. app they want to use with their corporate data.  

Smart businesses will give their employees a budget.  For example, you get $250 / year for these productivity services and you can use anything you would like.    

The most recent web business model was to attract employees quickly and then create a “fast-break” opportunity for your sales and marketing teams to sell premium services to the business.  Yammer executed this model perfectly.  While still a viable business model the mobile native business model will likely bypass the enterprise entirely and do business with the consumer.  The consumer will allocate their employers money as they see fit.  

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